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Programs & Courses

The document goes over the steps for creating Learning Programs, Courses, Unit and Tests within the Learning Manager.

Before you can begin adding content to the Leaning Manager, it is important to understand the organization of the different parts of the Programs and Courses area. The hierarchy is as follows:

Learning Program> Courses> Units> Tests

The largest piece is the Learning Program - it is the Curriculum being taught. Each Learning Program is made up of Courses and the courses all contain units. Units are equivalent to lessons and at the end of each, Tests can be added.  


Adding a Learning Program

Step 1:

Access the Leaning Manager> Programs & Courses> Add Learning Program. From this area, you will be able to add the program's Title, Short Description and Full Description.

Step 2:

 Click Save Program when finished.


Adding a Course

Step 1:

To begin adding your courses, go back into the learning program and click Manage Curriculum> Manage Courses> Add A Course.

Step 2:

Fill out the relevant information  - Course Title, Course Code (catalog number - if applicable), Credits.

Step 3:

Click the yellow icon to add an instructor to the course.

Step 4:

Search the database for your instructor. If the record is not in the database, click the Add New Person button to add their information to the Relationship Manager database.

Step 5:

After the record has been found, click the gray drop icon to select the student

Step 6:

Be Sure to click Save Course when finished.


Adding a Unit

Step 1:

Click into the Course the unit should be a part of and then access Manage Units> Add A Unit

Step 2:

Insert the Unit Title, Media URL (optional), Summary and Course Content before clicking Save Unit to save your unit and add it to the Course.


Adding a Test

Step 1:

Click into your Unit the test will be added to and go to Manage Tests> Add A Test to give the test a title and add your scoring and any relevant instructions. Be sure to Save Test to begin adding questions.

Step 2:

Click Add A Question to begin adding your questions.

Step 3:

Be sure to click Save Question to add the question to the test.

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